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Debora FarringtonDebora Farrington

Life has always been about creating harmony and peace in a room or in some one’s heart, as well as my own. I could always sense when there was balance. Taking care of companion animals, an aged father, letting go of relationships and houses, perspectives change. Traveling around the country, I’ve learned that home is inside the heart. Life is filled with energy in all that brings change as we dance in and out of balance. Learning from my clients, being a witness to hold the space for healing to occur, life has many lessons. Putting it into practical terms with enough understanding to share with others is what motivates me. It has taken more than thirty years of seeking and sharing experiences to bring me to where I am today.

My creative nature and “good eye” was nurtured in the antiques business. Within my artistic heart there was always a yearning to understand. What good are things without harmony and happiness in life? Beginning with a meditation practice and continuing my studies of massage therapy and the holistic healing arts, my true inner journey began to unfold. Soon I had the good fortune of meeting Kalu Rinpoche, a buddhist teacher, who planted a seed that continues to grow today. Traveling to Tibet to study with my present teacher, Kentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche opened more realities than I can verbalize. As a practicing Buddhist, being fulfilled in this life means being of service with awareness and compassion, doing purposeful work in one’s life. By sharing Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®, LVCY Yoga or Home Organize Design, I can share who I’ve come to be. Embracing impermanence takes courage and clarity. Living in the heart is both a challenge and gift. We are not separate. My intention to share peace, beauty and wellness inside and out with awareness of the heart is all I have to give.

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