LVCY Chair Yoga
LVCY Chair Yoga with Debora Farrington

Based on Lakshmi Voelker’s Sitting Mountain Series, LVCY Chair Yoga, is a simple, gentle, therapeutic yoga for people of all ages and physical conditions. Yoga begins by accepting where we are right now, whatever our limitations. Throught self-acceptance, we grow and heal our hearts, bodies and minds.

A typical LVCY Chair Yoga session includes relaxation breathing techniques (Pranayama). The way we breathe has a profound effect on the nervous system. By regulating the breath and increasing oxygenation to brain cells, we help strengthen and revitalize both the voluntary and autonomic nervous system. This stabilizes the mind and emotions. Traditional yoga postures (asanas) have been adapted to a chair with varying levels within each pose. This builds core strength, flexibility and balance! As the spine lengthens, tension releases, mobility increases and postural alignment develops. Our bodies become more fluid as we open and ground, finding our feet. Light weights are used to build bone and muscle mass. Straps are used to tone and stretch the arms and legs. Body awareness develops and strengthens.

Acupressure points are taught in a self-help style, to aid with circulation of hands and legs. At the end, basic stress reduction meditation exercises are introduced that helps to focus and stabilize the mind. As a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association and a certified member of the Yoga Alliance, the benefits of yoga can be brought to hospitals, senior centers, nursing homes and anyone interested in being healthy and increasing the vitality in life. “Get fit where you sit !”®

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